A New Paradigm ~ a channeled message from The Elders

This is a channelled message to whomever benefits from it.

This is an elaboration on the topic of logic and a new paradigm.

The era of natural science, and only believing in what you can see and prove, is at it's end. For a long time the greater part of humanity as a collective has been stuck in a 3D template of thinking that has been restricted to logic. For a long time many souls have also been breaking away from this template, and now the numbers are now nearing the point when it's about to tip over. Science is of good things, but solely relying on it is part of an old paradigm. And the everyday thinking pattern stuck in the template of logic is also. This is starting to show in your society. People are starting to believe and trust in the energy and frequency of love and higher consciousness. And those that are in power in your governments are also tapping into higher consciousness and the wisdom that lies there. The new values are taking form and things are shifting sweet friends. This is of great joy and happiness.

With love and blessings,

The Elders, The Council of 12 for Multi~Univesal Universe

Delning av denna text får göras endast i sin helhet och med en källhänvisning i form av en länk till denna sida enligt Upphovsrättslagen.