Trust ~ a channeled message from the Company of Heaven

A channelled message to whom ever it feels relevant to.

This is an elaboration on the topic of trust.

When something feels good, flows easily and without effort the tendency for humans as a collective has been to question it. You have a saying that confirms this phenomena: "it's too good to be true".

Things are never too good to be true precious friends. You are worthy of good things and good things will always flow to you without effort, you just have to be able to receive.

It is of uttermost importance that you as a human collective now are seeing through the 3D templates of fear that create the illusion of unworthiness. This to be able to receive. Once recognizing such templates many of them are being erased by pure will and intention. Many of you are working on this already, and many of you will.

With love and light to you all

The Company of Heaven

Delning av denna text får göras endast i sin helhet och med en källhänvisning i form av en länk till denna sida enligt Upphovsrättslagen.