On the topic of surrendering to love and persisting in hard times ~ Horus speaks


I AM Horus!
I come to you to speak on the topic of surrendering to love and persisting through times of challenge and pain.
There is an illusion within the 3D Matrix that surrendering to light, love, and God means being free from emotional pain. This is an illusion which in itself can make you lose the very trust that you strive to achieve. To truly surrender to love means persisting and staying in the vibration of love and trust during heartache and pain.
Do not fall into the illusion that life is free of pain, and the illusion that if you are loving, and surrender to love and to God, that you will be free of pain, This earthly plane is a school of learning! Although surrendering to the energy of love, releasing fear, fear-based thinking, and old templating will bring you more joy, happiness, and abundance ~ always remember that it does not mean you are not going to hurt from time to time! Keep your faith and trust.

Breaking down is part of the growth. For each step you take towards greater happiness, inner balance, and ascension, there will be an initiation ~ a passage and rite, a challenge ~ so do not think that life failed you, and stop believing in the love and trust in your heart, just because something seemingly bad happens in your life!

Disbelief and being "on guard" for the next bad thing to happen is a very common way of approaching life for many humans connected to the 3D Matrix and its illusive webs of energy. This is an emotional defense created within the lower mind and the lower bodies. But this energetic defense also shuts out many positive things.

So trust ~ and dare to do it! Yes, it takes courage to make the choice to trust! Always trust. You have to open your heart! ~ be willing to experience failure, feel disappointment, and feel sadness because you do not get what you desire! But the strength lies in learning not to be affected by the turmoil in your lower bodies, and always trust ~ inspire of failure. And why should you not trust? The next positive thing is right around the corner. And it might be an even better one just because you've struggled through the heartache of the perceived  "failure". A "failure" that years from now will also show you, you actually won something of even greater value. See? All things unfolding in your life will eventually always lead to Soul growth ~ and soul growth my friends is growth in happiness. And this even if you perceive them as "good" or "bad". You just might not see the long term purpose for the time being. So, trust. Have the courage to feel love and trust!
I AM Horus, I bring you peace and insight. Walk with peace and love."

Delning av denna text får göras endast i sin helhet och med en källhänvisning i form av en länk till denna sida enligt Upphovsrättslagen.

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