On the topic of the Ego ~ Goddess of Light speaks

The Ego, my friends, is the aspects of you that you will see through when you are in the process of transcending them, for the lower Ego is invisible to them caught in the webs of the lower world and the lower Self.
You know when you have started transcending the lower Ego when you do not need confirmation, validation, appreciation, or being told what to do and how. These are the needs and the traits of the lower Ego, the smaller Self. 

When you have obtained a certain level of Self Mastery, you will not need confirmation, validation, appreciation, or to be told what to do and how  ~ for you will already know and feel in your heart that you are worthy and loved, and the almighty truth always guides you. And then you do not care about what others think about you, your path, and your Way of truth, and you are always comforted and safe. You do not need anything from anyone outside yourself to comfort you ~ for you are One with the light and the truth. You have then become the very essence from which the lower Ego seeks comfort.

With love and blessings,
Goddess of Light

Delning av denna text får göras endast i sin helhet och med en källhänvisning i form av en länk till denna sida enligt Upphovsrättslagen.

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